Special Guests & Skills

Group members decide which supports to include

Former Group Members

A meeting with former members of this group who share their experience in the group and their recovery story.


Provided by Eric Brooks, a licensed acupuncturist in practice for over 20 years. Eric is also certified in Japanese Shiatsu, and Chinese Herbology and is a National Board Certified Diplomate is Oriental Medicine.



A form of energy healing in which we mentally "tune in" to an issue or feeling while tapping specific meridian points on the body with our fingertips. By correcting imbalances in our energy system, we can significantly decrease disturbing feelings.

A Passion Test

An exercise to help members begin a personal journey of rediscovery for "life after divorce".

Lawyer & Forensic Accountant

Lawyer Deborah Danger, and forensic accountant, Sheila May, join us  to answer questions about any stage of the divorce process including post divorce.


Meeting with consultant Karen Jones who provides an overview and answers questions about dating.